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I was working on my iPad 2 (running iOS 7.1.2) on a train, so had intermittent contact with iCloud. I created a new document in Pages, saved and named it, and edited it during a journey lasting a couple of hours. A couple of days later I wanted to access the document, but it was simply missing. I did not delete it.


I looked via my MacBook to see if the document was listed on iCloud, but it is not.


I have tried scanning via third party software, but they do not seem to cover Pages files (only photos, contacts, etc)

I have tried backing up my iPad to iTunes on this MacBook, making a copy of the downloaded backup, renaming all the files to .txt extensions and searching through for strings of text that would have been in the document (people's names, specifically). No luck there - but I have no idea how well that is able to probe into hidden files and folder structures.


I have no idea how or why the file vanished, as I had saved it and named it, and so there *ought* to be previous versions to revert to... somewhere... But how could I access these?



iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 7.1.2