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Good evening every one


I'm having an issue with applescript. I would like to run a script in the terminal (called xterm) of the app XQuartz.


I tried this but unsuccessfully :


          tell application "XQuartz"


                           do shell script "cd /Users/antoine/Desktop/Projet_M15; castem14 projet.dgibi"

          end tell

         Any thought ?  


MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3), last version of Xquartz
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    Well, the most obvious thought is that you're not using XQuartz at all.


    do shell script is a standard AppleScript command that executes a shell command in its own environment - that is, it does not depend on any other application to execute. The fact that you've wrapped this in a 'tell application "XQuartz" block is irrelevant - XQuartz never gets to see the command.


    From what I recall XQuartz has very limited AppleScript integration (maybe even none), so any interaction may have to be via UI events (e.g. simulating typing the relevant command).