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I will be using my old iMac as a secondary screen with my new iMac using a mini displayport cable. Since my old machine will be running I figured why not use and access it's 1TB hard drive?


I did enable the sharing between the two machines and first tried to setup my iTunes on the new machine. I set the music folder to be the music folder on the old machine. I then tried adding the music to my new library and it was incredibly slow going. I disabled wifi and connected both machines with an ethernet cable and it was faster but as soon as I re-enabled wifi on the old machine things quit importing.


Is there a better and faster way to access the drive in my old machine as if it was just an external hd plugged into my new iMac?


Not sure it matters but my new machine is USB3 and Thunderbolt. Old machine has USB2 and firewire 800.



iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)