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In pages when I try to open some documents I receive this message...

  index.xml file is missing


It's very frustrating to not be able  to open documents.


iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), 1 1/2 years old
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    You have 2 versions of Pages on your Mac.


    Pages 5.2 is in your Applications folder.


    Pages '09/'08 is in your Applications/iWork folder.


    You are alternately opening the wrong versions.


    Pages '09/'08 can not open Pages 5 files and you will get the warning that you need a newer version.


    Pages 5.2 can open Pages '09 files but may damage/alter them. It can not open Pages '08 files at all.


    Older versions of Pages 5 can not open files from later versions of Pages 5.


    Once opened and saved in Pages 5 the Pages '09 files can not be opened in Pages '09.


    Anything that is saved to iCloud and opened in a newer version of Pages is also converted to Pages 5 files.


    All Pages files no matter what version and incompatibility have the same extension .pages.


    Pages 5 files are now only compatible with themselves on a very restricted set of hardware, software and Operating Systems and will not transfer correctly on any other server software than iCloud.


    Apple has removed over 110 features from Pages 5 and added many bugs:


    http://www.freeforum101.com/iworktipsntrick/viewforum.php?f=22&sid=3527487677f0c 6fa05b6297cd00f8eb9&mforum=iworktipsntrick