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My machine is an iMac 27, Late 2012 running OS X 10.9.4 Mavericks. This evening, out of the blue, I lost Internet connection, and had an alert come up for a Thunderbolt Bridge. I'm aware of what the Bridge is, and I've already disabled it. But I am still unable to get my iMac back online. The Airport is up, connected, running the latest firmware, and is providing Internet connection to both this iPad and to a second, identical iMac 27. I have restarted the affected machine multiple times, but nothing is working, and there is no error message to give me any idea of what to do next.


How do I get this system connected again?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)
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    Go up to your Airport signal strength meter right to the left of your sound icon.  Open it and make sure you are connected to your network. Open the Network Preferences and make sure that your Wi Fi is at the top and has the green dot to the left of it.  If your WiFi isn't at the top of the list drag it up there and then make sure that your WiFi name is in the second one that says Network Name.

    Then you should be good to try it again.



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    I'm aware of what the Bridge is, and I've already disabled it.

    Does that mean you deleted it from the connection list in the Network preference pane? Is it there now? What is the exact text of the alert?

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    I did delete it from the interface pane. It turned out not to be the issue, or even related to it. My losing connection to my Airport brought the Thunder Bridge to my attention, in an unfortunate bit of timing.

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    I was connected, the particular wifi connection was at the top of the list. Stopping and starting the connection multiple times had no effect.

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    It turns out that the AIrport's DHCP service has apparently stopped responding to lease renewal requests. I statically assigned IPs to the devices in my network, and access was restored. In the near future, I plan to cold restart the Airport, and that will hopefully restore the service.