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After I upgraded to the new version of iTunes, almost all of my songs had those exclemation points next to them that mean they can't locate my music. How do I get my music back?

Mac, Windows 2000
  • 13jerm Level 1 Level 1
    This is a BIG PROBLEM! There's another thread on this subject:
  • zevan Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem. Missing ~1/2 of my library. Here's what I did, they all came back afterward: Go to "File">"Add to Library..."

    Now select the root itunes folder and click continue, for me it's "iTunes Music" in the iTunes folder.

    Let it process ALL of your files, this might take awhile. When it gets done you should have your stuff visible again, ratings and such intact. How annoying though...
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    I just looked at my "root iTunes folder" using Windows Explorer - and it only contains about 10 gigs of music... it should contain 60+ gigs! I've just lost 80% of my library!!!!

    APPLE HELP!!!!
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    Is the music still on the iPod? If "yes" you can restore it with one of many free programs. Let me know if you need one.
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    My iPod will not hold all the music I have!

    Did iTunes delete 80% of my music from my hard drive?
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    Ok, I ran CHKDSK and Seagate's Seatools.... It looks like iTunes has corrupted the file index for the volume (my computer can't see the files on the hard drive).

    CHKDSK was able to repair most of the errors, and I'm trying Seatools next to see if it will repair the remaining files.

    Now the problem is the skipping. Awesome Apple... way to fail!
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    hey there, i still have my songs on my ipod and would like to restore them after this same problem happened. what programs enable you to do this?
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    Is the music still on the iPod? If "yes" you can
    restore it with one of many free programs. Let me
    know if you need one.

    Iceberg, I could use one of those programs - just upgraded and iTunes wiped out all of my music midway through the "k"s and on thru the "z"s (artist names) and NO it isn't on my hard drive anywhere, I've run numerous searches. This is nuts! Having a heart attack here. Thanks for the help.
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    Its possible the harddrive is failing. I remember when I had this drive that kept losing the file index as well. It was a drive that was nearing full but still had 15gb free. The fuller the drive got the worse the file index. When I finally realized it was the drive failing I noticed it was missing like 50gb. The drive was a 180gb but only had 130. I also noticed the complete drive size was shrinking. In the end I replaced my entire library which took over 4 months.

    So it may not be itunes but a harddrive failure.
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    I've thought of that already... the drive my music is on is a Seagate that is only two months old (although that's no guarantee that its not failing).

    Using Seatools, I performed a physical test of the drive and found no errors. It failed tests only on the file structure.

    I have about 90% backed up on an external drive, the only things I would lose is the music I've imported from CD within the last two months... so I'm considering deleting the partition on this drive and formatting it again.

    What is odd is this: after I run CHKDSK, all of my files are visible in Windows Explorer... but as soon as I launch iTunes, the file structure becomes corrupt again. Any ideas?
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    Try using the /f option on every file system you have, and keep doing it over and over until it doesn't find any errors. If you still have problems after that, it is your drive. Seagates are the 2nd worst drives on the market (IBMs are the worst), so you might try a different manufacturer.
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