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iGurl_Skye Level 1 Level 1
I keep getting an error message. It pops up saying:
There was a problem downloading "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. An unknown error occurred (8003). Please check that your network connection is active."

My connection is fine! Help!

Dell Latitude D810, Windows XP
Solved by pac_80 on Sep 16, 2006 12:06 PM Solved
Contact the store directly by going to the link below and filling out the email fornm at the bottom, they will be glad to tell you what the error means and try to help you fix it
  • pac_80 Level 6 Level 6
    Contact the store directly by going to the link below and filling out the email fornm at the bottom, they will be glad to tell you what the error means and try to help you fix it
  • iGurl_Skye Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks! I have sent my I have to wait up to 42 hours...oh well, at least this will all be solved!
  • Dan Park Level 1 Level 1
    Ok, I too had this issue, so I went through few steps, and found a solution. I don't know this will solve it for other users. But give it a try. Good luck!

    By the way, I don't know which step actually fix this problem, but you can find it out on your end.

    1) Disable all popup blocks under IE: Tools / Popup blocker / Turn off
    2) Add to trusted sited under IE: Tools / Internet Options / Security tab / click on Trusted Sites Icon / click on "sites..." button and add ""
    3) If you have the McAfee Security Center running, disable "Privacy Service". note: If you have a different personal firewall or security product installed on your PC, you want to enable any site or to leave cookies on your pc.

    **I think this is the trick to resolve the error code #8003.

    4) If you have a personal firewall device connected to DSL or Cable, open the port #3689 for Itune. This should be done through the gaming setting on your firewall/gateway/router device connected to DSL/cable line.

    If you have simplified this fix, let me know! email me at dpark.public at


    Dell Inspiron 9300   Windows XP Pro  

    Dell Inspiron 9300   Windows XP Pro  

    Dell Inspiron 9300   Windows XP Pro  

    Dell Inspiron 9300   Windows XP Pro  
  • pdbinct Level 1 Level 1
    same issue here... for me it seemed to be the privacy setting on McAfee (ie disable the privacy setting in MaCafee if you run this security software and are getting the 8003 error).

    why   Other OS   myob
  • pdbinct Level 1 Level 1
    Just re-checked it. Turning off the privacy setting in McAfee seems to have fixed the problem on my end.
    (Windows XP)
  • Angelstr343 Level 1 Level 1
    I have this same problem, but i don't have McAfee and I tried everything else. Can anyone help?
  • steptoe Level 1 Level 1
    I had this problem over and over (as well as error 9006). I Finally worked out that my ISP was using a transparent proxy which was causing all the problems with downloading from the itunes site and downloads restarting from 0. I set up a specific http proxy utilising another port (not port 80) which bypassed the isp proxy and have had blissfuol downloads ever since. To find out if your ISP is using a transparent proxy visit
  • Lee Marcus Level 1 Level 1
    I bought about 8 T.V. shows with my gift card. It was downloading and there was an error. The error wiped out all of the shows and iTunes store "ate" all of my money and now i have like $5:00 left. Please HELPPPP APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    GIVE ME MY SHOWS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Johnny Level 1 Level 1
    Try this out, it was a stupid fix but it's worked twice for me with this error code. It typically happens after you use a GC or a credit they give you:

    -Go to the iTunes storefront (or anywhere in the store really)
    -click on your account (upper right corner should show your apple ID)
    -This takes you to your account settings
    -click the button to update/edit your payment settings
    -when you get to the payment settings page, re-enter your exact same payment info then click the "done" buttons at the bottom and go back and try it again.

    That's what has worked for me.
  • OhhCandy Level 1 Level 1
    That IS a weird fix but it works! I tried it only because it was the simplest of the fixes suggested on this discussion page. I thought I'd try the easiest and work my way up. I did exactly as you said and it didn't work the first time. Then I tried it again but closed out of iTunes. I re-opened it and VOILA! I've been downloading TV shows for 6 months and never had this problem. It wasn't until after I downloaded some stuff with an Apple credit.

    Good call and THANK YOU!
  • Careygrp Level 1 Level 1
    Error 8003 ---- affects ITUNES and will prevent downloads

    Hope this helps!

    First thank you McAfee for no help!

    Second, ITunes.... if this is a prevalent issue, why not place in your troubleshooting FAQ's?

    In any case if you have McAfee. you might have this error . You need to disable the "privacy service" feature.
    Here's what worked for me:

    1.Click start
    2. Click run
    3. Type "msconfig" hit enter
    4. Click services tab
    5. Uncheck McAfee Privacy Service
    6. Hit apply
    7. Restart your computer
    8. Go ahead and download
    If you want to turn the privacy service back on, repeat and check the McAfee Privacy Service option and there you go! ...keep in mind while McAfee Privacy Service is enabled you will not be able to download and the error will re-appear.

    Lastly, you must restart your computer to ensure these changes are enacted.


  • plum24 Level 1 Level 1
    I had this problem as well. After reading others comments which I found very helpful. I went into McAfee Security center clicked on internet and network then click configure. From there I clicked on web browsing protection then to the advanced button. Click on cookie blocking. I found that was in the rejection list. Add apple to your accept list. That's what worked for me.

    dell   Windows XP  
  • Delcine Level 1 Level 1
    I ran into the same problem and thanks for all your help. I just have to add one more thing. For me the security setting were being retained withing my router I tried all your suggestions. Once I got the setting cleared out from my router I was able to download the album successfully.

    Thanks Folks
  • Roblori Level 1 Level 1
    I got disconnected int eh middle of a download, and when I went to reconnect my download, this the error I get-
    "We can't complete your itune store request". The requested resource was not found. This is an error in the itune's store. Please try again later. "
    it has been doing this all day....does anyone have any ideas?
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