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I run a small business and I Need to set up a new employee with:


iphone 5c

Macbook Pro 17" 2008

their own Pop mail account using Mac Mail (names@businessname.com) on the MBP

their own Imap mail account using Mac Mail (names@businessname.com) on the iphone 5c


I'd like to ensure they can sync two way between both devices the folowing:








I'm slightly confused about what's best to do regarding setting up an icloud account I guess? is this what I need to set up to ensure this can ally sync easily? Do I just literally just set up a free icloud account on the phone in my name/conpany name and then enable all the various syncing? and then on the MBP I then enter the same icloud account there? and again, enable syncing?


Have I got this right?