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I payed someone on fiverr to make a video intro for my videos, and I got the file as a .mp4 file format. I converted it to .mov and sent it to my email, and then opened up my emails app. I edit my videos on my iPhone using iMovie because for some reason my OS X Yosemite computer does not allow me to use my desktop version of iMovie. Anyways, I sent the video, and whenever I try to save it through the mail app, the only option I get is to email it again, or open  it in iMovie. When I tap for it to open in iMovie it says "The file Video-Intro.mov is not usable by iMovie. Do you want to delete or ignore it?" and I have NO clue how to fix it. I even tried doing this with the format it originally came in as a .mp4 and the same thing happened. Can someone please tell me if there is some sort of work around to this, or how to fix it? Thanks!

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2