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Hi - I was trying to find this information on line but cannot.


The last "big" Itunes update (11.2?) prevented multiple Itunes accounts from sharing content on one computer.  Well, you can, but with consequences. For example, my husband purchased a movie rental with his Itunes account on our computer when he logged on to Itunes, but then I could not download any Itunes content for 30 days when I logged on to my account. I no longer purchase any content from Apple because of this. I was hoping this feature has been discontinued – it prevents households from purchasing Itunes.  We never pirate or steal any content at all. In fact, this feature forces us out of the Itunes universe to purchase movie rentals and music elsewhere.


Not just trying to complain, really. Legitimately want to find out if this rights policy still exists before we both try to rent or purchase anything from Itunes.



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