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hi, my late 2012 iMac crashed last week & I just got it back from the repair shop yesterday.

The technician wiped everything & reinstalled all except iPhoto (I believe my original version was 9.4.2).

My OS is now upgraded to 10.9.4


I'm very concerned about losing all my photo files,

and they don't seem to be available/show up on iCloud. I can view some through my iPhone though.


I noticed that I could download the latest iPhoto version, 9.5.1 which I did, but it seems that it does not support previous

versions and will not cooperate with the photo files that are hopefully still on my iPhone. So right now there is no

iPhoto app on my iMac... is it possible to download the previous iPhoto version (to try and import any saved iPhoto files

from a backup drive?)


I'm sorry that I'm a newbie/basic questions here... just concerned about my existing photo files/losing photos if I upgrade

to 9.5.1.   Or just deal with photo loss & update iPhoto now?  (ps) when I sign into iCloud, there is no iPhoto app icon showing/

no photos backed up there (just the ones that are appearing on my iPhone in the iPhoto app libraries)


any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you.


iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Epson 1280 printer