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Hi everyone,


Numbers version 3.2 here


I'm pulling my hair out trying to make Numbers figure out for me how to subtract 1/5 of a currency amount.

For example I want to input say, $20 in cell A1, 1/5 into cell B1 and I want cell C1 to tell me what is left over when taking 1/5 of $20, or $1 out of every $5. Now, I know that the answer is $16 - I've been trying to tell the formula that C1 equals A1 divided by 1/5 but it tells me that the answer is $19.80 because it's reading 1/5 as 0.2 cents! So far I'm having to manually tell it that B1 is $4 and it's driving me crazy and wasting my time (math is not my strongest point and I'd rather spend my time entering the data than working it out).


I tried changing the data format of my B column gazillions of times to fractions & decimals but it refuses to do this very simple sum.


What am I missing here?


Many, many, many thanks in advance.

MacBook Pro, iOS 7.1.2