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error -1712 pops up with "The application 'iMovie' can't be opened" when I try to open iMovie.

I just installed the newest version of iMovie (v10.0.4) from the App store on my

MacBook Pro processor 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Memore 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3

OSX 10.9.4


It's opened a few times, but all of a sudden (after, say 6 or 7 sessions) it just won't open.

As an aside, iMovie 8.0.6 continues to run like a champ.


I've tried to find and delete the iMovie.plist files but they don't show up anywhere. 


As you can imagine, I'm not keen on trashing the venerable iMovie 8.0.6 since it actually works.  Still

I need to get the new audio editing features in 10.0.4 (which worked great until yesterday).


Any ideas?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)
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    Error -1712 errAETimeout - Apple event timed out


    Can be so many things. I would


    Secure a minimum of 25Gb free space on Start-up (Mac OS) hard disk as iDVD, DVD-player, Mac OS etc. needs this to work OK.


    Then I would close down my Mac (no Mains for about 20 minutes) - then re-start it and see if the Error re-appear when clicking on the Movie.dmg/.img file (to get it to mount as an imaginary DVD disk)


    If no error - then try playing it with Apple DVD-player tool.


    Yours Bengt W

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    Hi Bengt;  Thanks for the advice, but sadly it didn't seem to help. 


    Secure a minimum of 25Gb free space on Start-up (Mac OS) hard disk as iDVD, DVD-player, Mac OS etc. needs this to work OK. 

    -- Check


    Then I would close down my Mac (no Mains for about 20 minutes) - then re-start it and see if the Error re-appear when clicking on the Movie.dmg/.img file (to get it to mount as an imaginary DVD disk)

    -- This was a direct download from the App store and there seems to be no .dmg or .img files relating to iMovie.  I'm familiar with these files from other app downloads from the internet, but haven't come across one for iMovie.  Odd.


    -- Now i just have the "spinning wheel of death" until I force quit (ugh!) iMovie.  it would spin all day if I let it.


    If no error - then try playing it with Apple DVD-player tool. 

    -- Not sure what this is referring to, Bengt.  Can you expand on that a bit, please?


    -- Rebooting in "safe mode" seemed not to help

    -- Forced shut down seemed not to help

    -- Deleting program and reloading from App store seemed not to help



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    Just as an aside, the error report to Apple goes on for 216 pages, referencing under "event" a "hang" 


    Cheers,  Ed

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    The answer was from my list of notes - and allthoug it is general it seems that first time it was related to iDVD. Still it can be so many things.


    A. If You (need to) force quit Your Mac - each time small errors occurs on Your hard disk - building up to a major disaster.

    To awoid this as good as I can - I do

    - Run Repair Permissions - Disk Util tool

    - Run Repair Hard Disk - Disk Util tool - BUT - to be able to run this You need to start up Your Mac from DVD or other external hard disk - else it will not run


    B. To get this Error - normal trouble shooting is what I do

    - First as in § A

    - I use to first test - by creating a new User Account and here try iMovie to see if it runns OK - if so then to 95% the problem is in iMovie pref or cache files

    - Then - Trash iMovie pref and cache files (while iMovie is NOT RUNNING)

    - If problem persists after this - the suspicion (my) falls upon what iMove has to work with

    a. When loading it heavely depend on iPhoto Library - and if this got corrupted - iMovie fails too - Repair iPhoto Library

    (THIS TAKES SEVERAL HOURS - now it takes > 24 hours for me to do this (64.000 pictures)

    Close all programs

    Start iPhoto - BUT KEEP alt and cmd keys down during full up-start

    Now You get a menu - select all

    Let Your Mac be for this process - NO Nothing - No Internet - just let it get tidy.

    b. If iMovie starts OK - then I would investigate Event's and Projects - if there is corrupted material here - and trash it


    iMovie (and iDVD) has a very limited amout of VIdeo-Codecs it can use.

    QuickTime - can open so many more - so that it can play here are no guarantee for it to be usable in iMovie.


    And if that doesn't help - I would toss in the towel - and see if Apple Store and their Genious can sort it out.


    Good Luck


    Just ad in - my general troubleshooting memory list as it is written:


    When iMovie doesn't work as intended this can be due to a lot of reasons


    iMovie Pref files got corrupted - trash it/they and iMovie makes new and error free one's

    problem in iMovie Cache folder - trash Cache.mov and Cache.plist

    Creating a new User-Account and log into this
    This forces iMovie to create all pref. and cache files new and error free

    Event or Project got corrupted - try to make a copy and repair

    a Codec is used that doesn't work (even though iMovie and/or iDVD tries to / they fail in the end)

    version miss match of QuickTime Player / iMovie / iDVD

    preferences are wrong - Repair Preferences

    other hard disk problem - Repair Hard Disk (Disk Util tool - but start Mac from ext HD or DVD)

    External hard disks - MUST BE - Mac OS Extended (hfs) formatted to work with Video

    ( UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange - works for most other things - but not for Video )

    USB-flash-memories - usually do not work


    Net-work connected hard disks - usually do not work (most often not fast enough and WRONGLY FORMATTES as DOS etc)


    iPhoto Library got problems - let iPhoto select another one or repair it. Re-build this first then try to re-start iMovie. When iMovie starts-up it first look trough this iPhoto library and if faulty it all Halt’s.

    This You do by

    First -  close iPhoto

    Secondly - on start up of iPhoto - Keep {cmd and alt-keys down}

    Thirdly - now select all five options presented

    THEN - WAIT a long long time (>20 hours are not strange)

    free space on Start-Up (Mac OS) hard disk to low (<1Gb) - I never go under 25Gb free space for SD-Video (4-5 times more for HD)

    external devices interferes - turn off Mac - disconnect all of them and - Start up again and re-try

    GarageBand fix - start GB - play a few notes - Close it again and now try iMovie

    Screen must be set to million-colors

    Third-party plug-ins doesn't work OK

    Run "Cache Out X", clear out all caches and restarts the Mac

    Let Your Mac be turned on during one night. At about midnight there is a set of maintenance programs that runs and tidying up. This might help

    Turn off Your Mac - and disconnect Mains - for about 20-30 minutes - at least this resets the FireWire port.

    In QuickTime - DivX, 3ivx codec, Flip4Mac, Perian etc - might be problematic - temporarily move them out and re-try

    (I deleted the file "3ivxVideoCodec.component" located in Mac HD/Library/Quicktime and this resolved my issue.)


    buenrodri wrote

    I solved the problem by removing the file: 3ivxVideoCodec.component. after that, up-dated iMovie runs ok.


    Last resort: Trash all of iMovie and re-install it


    Yours Bengt W


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    OMG!  This is way beyond any normal end-user.  I've found the PERFECT fix.  I just deleted iMovie14' from my computer and will continue to use the older 09' version which works fine.  Getting rid of that piece of crap is worth the $15 I had to shell out to Apple.  They sell software that is DESIGNED for their machines and they can't get this one right.  Screw it.


    Thanks for all your advice Bengt, I really do appreciate it, but it's beyond what I'm prepared to do.


    If you haven't upgraded to iMovie 14' do yourself a favour and don't.


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