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Up until this week, I was paying my employees commission, which would encompass their driving time and expenses. I have now decided to track their actual hours, plus driving time, and any time spent doing work for our company, e.g., washing their cleaning rags and printing out their paperwork/turning it in once a week.

I am having a terrible time trying to figure out how to use "Numbers", but this is what  I would like to use to calculate my employees daily and weekly totals.

I checked out the business section of "numbers", but the template that is on there will not work for me. Does anyone here have a template I can use?

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    Are you wanting to track all tiems individually? e.g. Driving time, actual, extra work, doing paperwork?

    Or are you looking to just keep track of start and end times, maybe multiple times per day (8:15-11:35, 12:45-3:30, 4:00-6:15)


    Not too sure if the business template in ipad numbers is identical to the one on the desktop version or not. But the desktop version should be at least as good.

    The template in ipad Numbers business section is a good start and I would use the table at the bottom to track times in and out. (Name, Date, time in adn out, total horus)

    I would make an additional table that had summary by date range for each person. (weekly ranges as columns and employees as rows, maybe pivoted if a few empl and lots of date ranges)