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I have a Numbers spreadsheet that calculates target values of investments over time on a month by month  basis .

How do I automatically copy those periodic values to another cell in order to preserve those calculated values. I have a formula in a certain cell which  calculates those values monthly so for example: Jan calculated to 10, Feb 15, Mar 20. I would like to write those periodic values to say a row  and preserve the values in order to produce a graph of Calculated vs. Actual.


How the heck do I do this? Can anyone help?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Hi Ernie,


    The thing about spreadsheets is that the formulas keep updating themselves as the data they reference changes. You can freeze the values with a Copy / Paste Results (formerly Paste Values). That eliminates the formulas and effectively turns the cells into data rather than calculations. If you are clever about how you arrange these cells, you can Copy and Paste them as a group, to their "final resting place".


    For completeness, it should be noted that an Applescript could be triggered with a Keyboard Shortcut to provide some automation, but you have to weigh the added complexity against the time it would take to do the simple task manually.



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    Many thanks Jerry,

    I guess I should just copy and paste results periodically.