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I want a group of one or more objects to include also a specific table, but I can't find a way to do that. Is there a way?

MacBook Air (11-inch Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    No, Tables can't be grouped with other objects.


    What is the effect you are going for?



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    I want to be able to embed objects (arrows, shapes, etc.) in a table such that they would move with the table, copy with it, delete with it, etc. I know how to use the cursor to select objects, but don't want to have to use that tedious method every time. I miss the ability to lock individual cells (as in Excel), so I also often create a computational table, lock it, and then superimpose a data entry table on top of it, so it would also be very helpful to be able to group two tables.

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    Hi Alex,


    You can paste shapes (drawing objects) into table cells.


    Insert a shape. While it is still selected, copy or cut. Click in a table cell and paste.


    Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 1.45.18 pm.png


    Adjust the row height to resize the shape.


    If we **could** group tables, I imagine they would no longer work as tables. When you click on a set of grouped objects, the whole group is selected. How will Numbers know which one you want to become active?




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    Jerry, thank you for your speedy reply.



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    Thanks for your very helpful note. I had no idea about pasting into a cell.


    As for grouping tables, I was only thinking of my situation, where I'd be grouping a locked table and an unlocked table, so it would be no mystery which table I was trying to make active, but I take your point. That said, why would this be different from the situation with objects where you have to ungroup to make one of its objects active anyway?


    Thanks again for the tip, and the discussion.



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    I think the best approach for presentation annotation is to Print the table to PDF and add the descriptive text and graphics in Preview.app. That way there are no surprises as a result of edits to one part and not another.