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I just learned I might have to purchase a new Macbook because my USB ports are fried and I was looking at purchasing a refurbished Macbook pro from 2012:


http://store.apple.com/ca/product/FD101LL/A/refurbished-133-inch-macBook-pro-25g hz-dual-core-intel-i5


the only trouble is I make music with a MOTU Audio Express sound card, and it only has a USB 2 port and a bus-powered Firewire (which I don't like using since it hasn't been too reliable in the past).


Unfortunately, it seems that the Macbook I'm looking into purchasing only has USB 3 ports, and I looked for info on USB 3->USB 2 adapters online and this simply doesn't seem to exist. The only info I managed to find on this subject was this little bit on the Apple website:

Can a USB 2 cable be used to connect a USB 3 device to my computer?

If the device end of the cable fits into the connector on the device, yes. However, because it has fewer wires, you won't get USB 3 speed and power may be limited to 500 mA.

does this mean that I can connect a USB 2 cable from the USB 2 port of the MOTU sound card to the USB 3 port on the Macbook? I'm OK with the power and the speed being limited to USB 2 power, I just want to make sure I can actually use my sound card with this new Macbook.


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)