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I converted an MPEG-2 from a DVD into a ProRes 422 Quick time through MPEG Streamclip in order to edit excerpts in FCP 7.  When imported in FCP it shows horizontal broken layers when I stop playing it, and full image when it runs.  The specs of the MPEG-2 were 1920x1080, 25 fps, PAL.  The ProRes is compressed to 720x405, 25 fps, pixel Aspect Square, Alpha None/Ignore, Field: Upper, Audio 48kH-16bit.  In MPEG Streamclip: "Interlaced scaling" was selected. Is that correct or should I have selected "Deinterlace video"?  Is that the culprit for the horizontal disaligned layers when the video stops running? 

If this is not the cause, does anybody know a solution please?  Many thank yous in advance.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    as long as fcp displays correctly when you're playing, what's the problem?

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    this is correct, do not worry. on stop, you only see one field. on run, you see both fields.


    if you work with deinterlaced material, even on stop there will be no jagged lines. advantage. but you then have reduced your motion resolution to half (because both fields are identical now). disadvantage. so, what you want really depends on what you need your master for. usually, TV uses interlaced material.