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A Friend of mine has some mobile phone videos of a concert and I said I would edit them together for him using FCP7. They are all mp4's and obviously for FCP7 to like them i converted them to .MOV using MPEG streamclip, when I imported the files into FCP7, the audio was out of sync. I have noticed also the original mp4 files the audio is fine during playback, when its in MPEG streamclip i notice even before i convert to .MOV the audio is slightly out of sync.


It is probably an easy fix I just cant rack my head around the problem.


Any help is greatly appreciated.





Final Cut Pro 7
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    When you did the conversion in mpeg streamclip, did you change the audio sampling to 48k and set the compression to none? 



    If you did, the simplest solution is probably to simply unlink the audio and video in the timeline in fcp and then adjust the audio position against the video til you get it in synch.

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    did you change frame rates when converting in streamclip? if so, avoid that.


    i once experienced a similar problem. my workaround was to convert video in streamclip, but separately export audio from the mp4s in quicktime player as aiff. in FCP, video and audio did sync. bit of work, though.

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    Cheers for the reply.  Yeah I changed it to 48k and no compression.. Its bizarre. the videos are taken from his Samsung Galaxy the new one so their all in 1080p HD. In FCP when I drag and drop it wont match the clip settings to the timeline as it always asks you.. Really weird.

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    I just did that there and its still a little out of sync. Stupid mobile videos