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I am using Keynote to record an e-learning series from slides with voice, which I then export to quicktime movie.


A typical recording consists of 60 slides with "magic move" transitions and object builds in the slides mostly using "appear"


The frustration is that I'm unable complete a recording because my version of Keynote quits on me without warning, so I lose everything, have to start again and then experience the problem anew. It's costly as I am up against a deadline and am struggling with this problem.


Has anyone solved this issue and is anyone able to advise on possible remedial action?


I am using a mac mini 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 with 4GB memory


Thank you for your help

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.5), OS X 10.9.4
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    I am assuming your using Keynote 6 with Mavericks so try this repair for Keynote, ensure you complete all the tasks and in the order shown:


    delete all the iWork applications if you have them, not just Keynote, using Appcleaner from Mac Update, its a freeware application


    empty the trash:  Finder > Empty Trash


    Shut down your Mac, wait 30 seconds, then power on the Mac, immediately after the start chime, hold down the Shift key

    When you see the grey Apple symbol and progress indicator (a spinning gear), release the Shift key.

    If you are prompted to log in, type your password, then hold down the Shift key again as you click Log in. 

    Let the Mac fully boot up, it will take longer as the OS is repairing the drive



    when fully booted, go to Applications > Utilities > Disc Utility; click on the boot drive then First Aid tab and click  repair disc permissions



    when complete, restart the Mac normally, Apple menu > Restart


    install Keynote from the Mac App Store