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Problem: A clip I deleted from an event, though no longer visible in iMovie, still seems to be there.


My Question:  How can I access this clip, apparently still residing in the “iMovie Library.imovielibrary” file, and delete it.   This is a problem since iMovie doesn’t see (or show me) the bad file.


In backing up my hard drive (OSX 10.9.4) , the back up app (Super Duper) found a bad, i.e.,non-copyable  clip in my iMovie file  “ iMovie Library.imovielibrary “  and gave the specific file name of the clip and path location within the imovielibrary file..    From within the iMovie app, (10.0.4) I found the clip in the iMovie Library and selected “move to trash.”   The clip then disappeared from the Event BrowserI. (It did not appear under any view filter, including “Show all Clips.”  I realize now that I did not look in the Trash to see whether this file actually appeared in the Trash.  But I did empty the Trash.  When I ran the backup program again, it found the same bad file that it had found before, and stopped.


Since the library contains a lot of other events (total about 50 GB), I would like to fix this without having to rebuild the entire iMovie Library from scratch.


Here is the error message from Super Duper, which gives the path within the iMovie Library file  to where the bad file is located. (../Movies/iMovie Library.imovielibrary/“event name”/Original Media/filename.mov)


| SDCopy: Error copying /Users/robertstokstad/Movies/iMovie Library.imovielibrary/2014 East Lansing/Original Media/20140424_RGS_4977.mov to /Volumes/RGS_2TB_SD/Users/robertstokstad/Movies/iMovie Library.imovielibrary/2014 East Lansing/Original Media/20140424_RGS_4977.mov of type 8 due to error 5: Input/output error


Thanks for any help on this.


Robert Stokstad



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MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)
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    Here is a solution to the problem: 

    In the Finder -> Go -> Go to Folder,

    enter   /Users/Your user name//Movies/iMovie Library.imovielibrary/Name of Event/

    (Name of Event is exactly as it appears in the Event Browser)

    Select Go

    This takes you to the folder in iMovie Library for that event, and you will see the contents of that folder as several folders and perhaps a file.  One of the folders is Original Media.  Open that folder and you will see individual files of the individual clips contained in that Event.   Delete the file of choice in the usual OS X way. iI will then appear in the Trash folder.  Empty the trash and it is gone.


    This solution was suggested by Shirt Pocket Support, which provides technical help for the backup app SuperDUper.  I am indebted to them.


    Bob Stokstad