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I have an iPhone 4s, it will load my Comcast email if connected vain WiFi, but times out if I'm using a Cellular connection...  Any ideas how to correct this?  It was working til the most recent iPhone software update...

iPhone 4S
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    What is the error that you receive when attempting to get mail? It could be that your incoming mail server is not configured correctly. Make sure the username and password are entered in all sections, even the ones that say they are optional. I use Comcast and do not have any issues. It could be the username password issue, or it could be that the account has an error. Remove the account and then add it back, ensuring you add all of the information provided by Comcast as you go.

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    If the email works via Wifi, but doesn't via cellular, I would believe that the username & password are correct - there's some glitch regarding the cellular connection that isn't going through.  It will give me an error message that states that the Comcast server isn't responding, until I get into a Wifi area, and then it loads the email...

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    If the Wi-Fi connection that you are using is at home, then it could still be your configuration. It could be the port numbers that you have selected for the mail account will work when on Comcast's network, your Wi-Fi, but not on the cellular connection. Try deleting the account, however when you add it back, try doing it while connected to cellular data and see if it will verify.

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    Thanks Chris, well, it loads the email on Any WiFi connection, but not via cellular…  I probably should delete the account & start over, but truthfully have downloaded Comcast's app, which works fine via both WiFi & Cellular…  Would be nice to get to get the Apple mail going, though...

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    Are you using the Comcast as POP or IMAP? I can post screen shots of the settings for IMAP, and I think I still have the ones for POP, but I migrated to IMAP when I heard it was available.

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    I have it set up as a POP account, it does so automatically, from what I can gather.  I am ignorant of IMAP...

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    Okay, I'll look up the Comcast settings. I have a group of screen shots for the account and I'll post them for you to check against your account. Mine worked flawlessly.










    See if this helps you.

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    Well, crud...  this matches the settings I already have... And have had all along...

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    Sorry. Mine works like a gem on both Wi-Fi and cellular data. You say it times out on cellular. Is that the only error that you see? Are you having any issues with any other aspect of cellular data?


    I would delete the account and add it back, but make sure that all aspects of the account get deleted. Make sure there is no entry for any servers for Comcast left in Settings. When you add it back, make sure you enter your username and password everywhere it is called for, even if it shows it as optional in the iPhone setting.