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Hello all. I'm having problems with itunes genius on my computer. No matter how many times I try to update genius, it fails at the end. It takes a few hours collecting my information, then sends it to Apple, then as it tries to deliver the results, it fails, saying iTunes Store is busy. I have tried on many occasions over the last few months, but to no avail. I used to use genius all the time, and I really hope somebody could help me fix this. I have tried many solutions, like reinstalling itunes, deleting library files, but to no avail.


A bit more information to help you solve this issue


  • I have a large itunes library, almost 2TB, approx 200,000 songs ( but I've been told this should not affect genius)
  • I am running itunes on 2 computers, both under the same login. I copy the music across to the second computer after uploading to itunes on the first (would running itunes on 2 separate computers affect genius)
  • Both computers are running Windows 7


I Really hope somebody, either through personal experience, or just technical know-how, can help me solve this problem. If not I may have to find a different music player, because genius is the only reason I stay with itunes. Thanks in anticipation.

Windows 7