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Three years ago, I created a Keynote presentation (probably version 4.?) using a one of the built in "themes". Since some of my users did not have access to Mac, I exported a PowerPoint version of that presentation. The "theme" moved over just fine.


We have since updated to Mavericks, and Keynote 6.1 which wouldn't open the original Keynote file, but would open the PowerPoint version.


We did open the original Keynote file in the 5.05 version of Keynote running under Snow Leopard and then saved the presentation out. This file would open in Keynote 6.1 in Mavericks, but the theme was only partially intact. None of the slides had the themed (or any other) background associated with them.


Is there a way to copy/export the background slide from the PowerPoint presentation and then force that behind all the text and media in the Keynote 6.1 version?



PowerMac, Mac OS 9.1.x