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In an attempt to rent a movie onto my iPad I got the download error that I did not have enough space.  I went to my Apple TV cause I figured I would just rent it there and it states that I have already rented this movie do I want to rent it again.  I believe it thinks I have rented it because it is sitting on the "trying to download queue" on my ipad.  I would think that i could go to my "Check for rentals" on the Apple TV, find it there, and resume the download but it's not there to do this.  I have logged out and back into my account on the Apple tv and restarted it but it still will not work.  Any clues how to get it onto my Apple TV or how to cancel the download on my iPad so it takes it off the list?  Thanks

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    Except when downloaded to iTunes, Apple's rentals cannot be played/moved on another device.  The rental will work on your iPad only.


    iTunes Store: Movie rental frequently asked questions (FAQ)


    Best option would be to contact  iTunes Store support and say you've had trouble downloading to iPad - hopefully they'll cancel the rental and give you the credit to enable rental on AppleTV.


    I would also raise with them the stupidity of the service allowing you to rent a title when there is insufficient space on the iPad to download the movie in the first place!

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    I had the same problem just now. The solution is to attempt to rent the movie again, iTunes displays a message indicating you have already rented the movie and advises you to go to the Downloads section to manage your downloads. The movie should automatically start downloading and the Downloads menu option should appear alongside the Purchases menu option. It's not particularly obvious (Apple), but at least I could download the movie and watch it now.