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Hey everyone,

So I purchased a new "super fast" MSP just a few weeks ago. I am having some continuing issues with computer lagging when opening programs and what not. So far I am a little under impressed with what has been reported as lightning fast speed. Are there any simple programs that I can use that will check whether the dual processors/RAM/VRAM are working according to specs?



Macbook Pro 512MB RAM 128MB VRAM, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    Greg -

    What programs are you running? If they are applications that have not been optimized for the Intel chip ("Universal") you will not see "super fast" speeds. While programs like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office will run just fine on your new machine, they are run using an emulation layer called Rosetta. Rosetta will allow the PowerPC applications to run (generally without a hitch), but they will load somewhat slowly and performance will not be ideal.

    You also don't specify how much memory is in your machine. If it's the stock 512MB, you should consider upgrading to 1GB or even the maximum 2GB; Rosetta is a memory hog and the additional memory will dramatically speed up your system.

    Net-net: based on the limited information you have provided, I would guess that your machine is running normally...