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So I'm trying to export a file from FC7 at 720p, but it always comes out stretched, no matter what resolution I have the export set to. The source clips are mostly 1080p, but I chose to edit 720p because my Mac was just too slow to be able to efficiently edit in 1080p.


Sequence settings:

Frame Size: 1280x720 (HD 720p)

Pixel Aspect Ration: NTSC - CCIR 601 / DV (720x480)

Anamorphic: Off


The clip settings are mostly 1920x1080, however I'm also working with some still images that vary in resolution. In editing, all of the clips are zoomed in, as I'm trying to cut out some aspects of the image, and focus on specific details within the clip's frame.


In the canvas, the image looks just as it should be, but whenever I export, it is noticeably stretched. I feel like I've run out of options, and I'm thinking of re-editing the entire thing (it's not that long) in 1080p. My gut tells me that it has to do with the clip formats being different from the sequence settings, but I can't figure out anything else that I could try to get it to export properly.


I was hoping if anybody had any ideas, they could shoot them my way. I'd appreciate it.



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    HD is square pixels. Make a copy of your finished sequence, then working on the copy, in the sequence settings, change the Pixel Aspect Ratio to Square. You will need to re-render any rendering you have done.


    Export that and see if you get the expected results.


    If not, then click on one of your source clips in the FCP Browser and type Command + 9 to see the Item Properties for the clip. Either report those properties here, or take a screen shot of the Item Properties and post that screen shot here.

    Next, click anywhere on your sequence timeline, and type Command + 0 {zero} to see your sequence settings. Either report those sequence settings, or take a screen shot of the sequence settings and post that screen shot here.



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    Unfortunately this did not work, but I feel like it should have when I observe the clip settings. Interestingly, when I set the sequence Pixel Aspect Ratio to square, the image on the canvas appears stretched in the same way that it does in all the exported files that I had previously created. The clip settings are as follows:


    Resolution: 1920x1080

    PAR: Square

    Compressor: H.264

    Frame rate: 59.94


    Other images that I used are varying resolutions, but also have a square PAR. The sequence settings are as I mentioned in the opening post, but here are some added details that vary from the clip settings:


    Compressor: Apple Proress422

    Frame rate: 29.97


    I tried changing all of the PAR of the clip settings to match the sequence settings, but this didn't work either. Honestly, I think I might just resort to working within 1080p where the sequence settings are changed to match the clip settings exactly, because I opened up a test sequence and it works just fine this way. I appreciate the help a lot though, thank you!

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    seems like a problem during export.


    exporting AND converting from FCP is not really a good idea. i never do.


    better is to export the sequence in its original format first (without any conversion). then open this master file in quicktime player (or compressor or handbrake) and convert.


    also, make sure everything is rendered before exporting. check your sequence settings for both complete and clip rendering.