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My current project was shot on the Red Epic in 4k.  I used Davinci Resolve to transcode the footage to Apple ProRes Proxy and edited in FCP 7. 


The edit is pretty much locked I need to get some shots over to are VFX guys and they want the footage as DXP Apple ProRes 4444. 


Now I tried creating these in Colour but I found that this created a black frame around the shot.  I have tried just taking in it into FCP 7 through the log and transfer but when I imported it it comes out at 1920x1080.


I don't have the full version of Davinci Resolve either so any shot I try and export the maximum it can do is 1920x1080.


I am sure there is something really obvious I am missing with this workflow but any suggestion as to what I can do would be much appreciated.


From Mike

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