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Is there a way to copy my DVDs to itunes and then to my ipod legally?

Dell Inspiron, Windows XP, none
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    I assume you mean purchased Hollywood movie type DVDs right? If so, then technically the is no legal way at all. It isn't the copying of the material that is necessarily illegal (doing so may fall under fair use depending on your purpose). The problem is the breaking of the copy protection built into those DVD is what is illegal due to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

    This law may be changed in the near future as there have been attempts and will continue to be to loosen this to protect certain consumer rights, but as of right now, circumventing the built in copy protection of a Hollywood DVD is illegal. So even if under fair use you could make a copy to your iPod or a VCR tape, to get to that point, you have to violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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    I too want to copy a dvd to my Ipod. I have a DVD that has no copy protection and I have a letter from the producers and owner of the copyrights with permission to put on my video to show in our work as missionaries here in Mexico. I too want to know what software is needed to copy a DVD to Ipod 60 gig. What is the procedure if anyone can help. It would be for a legal transfer.

    thanks please answer, I will be recieving my ipod 60 gig refurb in a week or so, and would like to have the software on hand to use it.
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    I'll have to let someone else answer since for video stuff I am only familiar with Mac applications (Handbrake comes to mind). Hopefully a Windows user will wander by shortly with some suggestions (I believe Handbrake has a Windows port in the works).

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    If you have a license for NERO Burning ROM, they have a program called RECODE2 which can convert DVD movies to iPod compatible video. If not there is a free program that works on 99% of DVDs. It is called Videora. You can download it from their website for free


    This web site has a step by step procedure to convert the DVD. It assumes that you are trying to convert a copy protected Hollywood video, but this will work for your DVD too.


    For the 1% of DVDs that Videora has problems with the audio and video get out of sync, but this rarely happens.
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    Since I also have a pocket pc, I acquired several programs on the Web that get around copy protection because they make much smaller files (i.e., not full-sized, featured DVD copies)(Example is DVDX Platinum--look up programs on Google or whatever). These are enough for the iPod. QuickTime has a feature to convert digital movie files to its own format, but I use IPod Media Studio for a faster conversion. All of these cost, but I found them worth it.
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    i use videora. It;s pretty sloe, but its free and works. You should find it if you google videora
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    wow, thanks, do appreciate the help, found videodora and have downloaded it. Thanks so much again
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    With Windows I used DVDx to get an mpeg fil of the movie. Then I used videora to convert the mpeg to mp4.

    Maybe there is now a 'all in 1' program for windows to do it?