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Sup all?

...Got an interesting problem here. Replaced an LCD in a Nano for a friend, installation went smooth & without problems (or so I thought). After installation was complete, I put the Nano back together & started loadin' & playin music on the Nano. About 2 days later, I decided to update it w/the new iPod Updater (can't remember the date). Now the iPod Nano won't boot past the Apple Logo. I can tell that the "menu" has been loaded 'cuz you can hear the clickin' sound when you operate the wheel.

I've tried reformatting the iPod Nano (quick & full) & then trying to restore it, but it won't boot past the logo (after successful restoration?). Now I'm going to run the battery dead & then try to restore it again.

Any suggestions/comments on this?

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    The solution I see in your case is to go back and download an older iPod Updater.

    See this link -> iPod Updaters

    I suggest taking either the January 2006 iPod Updater, or March 2006 iPod Updater.

    IMHO, Some of these freezing issues occur because of a fault in the latest iPod Updater.

    I suggest going back to March (or January), and the nano could possibly work again for you.


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    Going to try that now, thx! Will post-back w/results!