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I will receive my precious package soon now: a Macintosh SE/30 that I will use mainly for generating disks for my Plus.

Unfortunately the computer I ordered is quite yellowed. In order to make it more white (the technique is shown here http://retr0bright.wikispaces.com )

I downloaded the service manual and when it comes to removing the front bezel something worries me: removing the speaker.

It says: "To remove the speaker, cut away (with a matte knife) the melted plastic that secures the speaker to the inside of the front bezel."


But if I cut the melted plastic, I won't be able to put it back? How can I pull this off without damaging the bezel?


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    Apple never intended you to remove the speaker, so it was "welded" in place by melting the plastic around the back a little.  If you break away the part that melted, you'll be able to get the speaker out.  When replacing it, you'll need some other way to secure it in place.  Given the relatively light weight of the speaker, I think I'd try a drop of hot glue where the welds once were... that ought to hold it as well as being soft enough to break away again if you want to down the road.

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    I have to remove the speaker in order to do some retrobright to the front bezel. I'm afraid retrobright might damage the speaker, hence the need to remove it.


    I think you're right, hot glue should be sufficient. I'll give it a go.



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    And BTW that link to RetroBright is the cat's meow. Thanks!