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I get random crashes in Safari, Mail, and the Google Chrome browser. The log always indicates error type 198, Low Memory. I can produce the crash at any time by trying to load the Red Robin menu web page. It crashes Safari and Chrome every time. Developer blogs point at an issue in IOS 7 memory management. Will this bug be fixed in IOS 8?

iPad, iOS 7.1.1
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    I tried the Red Robin website and two browsers crashed when accessing the site. That indicates to me that it is the website - and not my iPad. I rarely get crashes in Safari or any of the other browsers that I use. I will have 8 or 9 tabs open at once and sometimes more than that in Safari without issue.


    IF there was a memory leak as these developer blogs claim there is, Apple is not likely to own up to it, since that has never been their M.O. They would simply fix it. Nobody here knows what Apple will do in iOS 8 other than what they have talked about here.


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    When I open the website with my iphone (running IOS 6.1) it does not crash, nor does it crash with Chrome on Windows 7. It is IOS 7.

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    If we take your tags at face value, ronenfield, you are missing an IOS update. Maybe 7.1.2 can help a bit, for the only way Safari gets updated in these parts is when the whole OS gets bumped up. Unlike the Mac's OS X, where we do get individual updates for just that system's Safari.

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    Oddly enough, it works fine in Safari on my iPhone 5S which is also running iOS 7.1.2 - the same iOS version as my iPad. So why that works the way it works, I cannot explain. Updating the iPad to iOS 7.1.2 might help in your situation, but like I said, it doesn't work for me on the iPad which is already running 7.1.2.


    I still don't know that I would attribute it to a memory leak in iOS 7 if it works on my iPhone, that argument just doesn't hold up under those circumstances. I would assume it has more to do with the A5 processor on my iPad 3 compared to the more powerful A7 processor on the phone.

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    I Do have the 7.1.2 update, on an iPad 4. The problem has been around since at least 7.1 And has not changed with the last two updates.

    the alternative Apple offered was to exchange my hardware for $300 for a new iPad. I find that offensive, since the device is 1-1/2 years old and has never been dropped, wet, or subjected to extreme heat or cold. It should not go sour in this short time. Before I pay to have Apple's faulty hardware replaced I would probably spend a few more bucks and buy a real computer.

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    Safari crashes are not generally caused by faulty hardware. If that were the case all apps would suffer. Part of Safari crashing has to do with poor javascript implementation. The other is poorly coded websites and pages with lots of images. Try disabling javascript in Safari settings to see if crashes are reduced. Unfortunately, many websites will have limited function without javascript.