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I'm looking for an alternative to ARD that will me show a group of computers and have one computer at least be able to view a computer in the group.


I have 4-5 different classrooms and I want the teacher station to able to view each of the 20ish macs (doesn't have to be all at once). Putting a full blown version of ARD with in a teachers hands doesn't seem like a smart idea (I foresee a lot of 'I just wanted to make sure I locked all the computers' type issues). A VNC program might work if I could make a list, but if I remember correctly you have to put the name or IP of each computer in every time which is a hard task for some. A dumbed down ARD would be ok if I can make it only the observe and control function are present for specific group of computers. So, whats the best way to have a single mac be able to view a set group of macs with out all the other stuff ARD can do?

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    You can restrict what users can do with ARD

    and run under none admin user account


    You could  try teamviewer

    it's free and I think all machines may show in a list

    There is also logmein but it's no longer free


    I think chicken VNC may have a address list


    There is always apples built in screen sharing

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    thanks, i didnt see the restriction option in ARD, that seems to be my best bet. however, if another instance of ARD is running on that computer can i still connect to it? everything is frozen and i dont have to touch machines that often inbetween breaks so it wont be that bad if i cant. 

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    if someone else is connected via ARD to the same machine, you might not be able to connect

    Probably the best thing to do is try it for yourself and see if it's workable in your situation.

    If you know who the connecting offender is, you could use your ARD to quit their ARD or chicken VNC

    session which should give you back control


    There is a command line that will restart the ARD client,

    which restarts  ARD client side. You can use ARD to send this command to client machines

    sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ARDAgent.app/Contents/Resources/k ickstart -restart -agent

    you can also use it to stop, start ,user access, control etc  ARD client side


    Apple Remote Desktop: Configuring remotely via command line (kickstart)