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Hi everyone,


I Use a Qnap database to safe files for our small compagny.

we work a lot in numbers and pages. But when I save these on the Qnap they change into folders.

I cannot open them again! On our macbooks it somtimes does work, they save normally as files,

but we also work on our iPads a lot, with the qfile app we have excess to all files, works great for photo's, movies and even excel and word files but pages and numbers files always show as a folder and can not be opened.


I know there are a few earlier posts on this matter, but I haven't found one with the solutIon.


This is how the file shows:



This is the content of this folder:




Hopefully someone can help!

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    Hi Mdkerf,


    In the past people have had problems with dropbox, and gmail as to they handle the Numbers 3 files. I believe the solutions were found by gmail and dropbox but I could be wrong. Have you contacted Qnap?