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Hey Guys,

So i am hardly technical savvy hence why I have joined the apple community to try and solve my problem!

So for some reason my partners ipod (classic?) 160gb, erased all content and became corrupted.   I plugged it in to itunes and in there it told me to restore, so i did.

It said restore was now complete and that the ipod will appear in itunes once it has restarted, however, it seems to be "stuck" on "do not disconnect", and if you do remove the device it then says "ok to disconnect", but it won't change from that screen. So I have tried resetting it with the menu/select button and a no go, just returns to the screen that says "use itunes to restore".  I have tried a thousand times over and nothing seems to be working. And if I plug it back in to itunes, it returns to the "do not disconnect" screen. Is there an ipod for dummies? haha. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Sorry for the novel!


cheers, Kat.