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My keyboard was previously paired to an iMac that has since crashed.  I want to pair my keyboard to my iPad but have been unsuccessful in my attempts.  Can I somehow make my keyboard forget my iMac?

iPad, iOS 7.1.2
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    Hey tknieriem,


    I have an article for you that will describe how to put your keyboard into pairing mode:


    Bluetooth: How to set up your Apple Wireless Keyboard


    1. Press and release the On/Off switch to turn on your wireless keyboard.
    2. The green LED should begin blinking if the keyboard is not already paired and connected to another computer. The blinking LED indicates that the keyboard is in the discoverable mode. If you don't pair your keyboard with your Mac within three minutes, the indicator light and keyboard will turn off to preserve battery life. If this happens, press the On/Off switch to turn your keyboard on again. Note: If the LED doesn't turn on, make sure you have good batteries in the keyboard and that they are properly installed.

    Next, you will want to follow the instructions in this article:


    iPad: Using Bluetooth headsets and keyboards



    If you run into any issues in the process, these troubleshooting steps from the above article may be useful:

    Troubleshooting Bluetooth accessories

    If you are unable to pair with or connect to an existing Bluetooth accessory, try the following steps:

    1. Ensure that the Bluetooth accessory is in range. Most accessories have a range of approximately thirty feet.
    2. If you are unable to see the accessory in Settings > Bluetooth2:
      • If a pairing record already exists, try to connect the accessory using that pairing record, or delete the record and pair again.
      • If you have not paired with the accessory, follow the manufacturer's instructions to place it in discovery mode and then pair the accessory.
    3. If you can see but are unable to pair with the accessory:
      • Verify the PIN for the accessory. You may need to refer to your manufacturer's documentation for this.
      • Verify that the Bluetooth accessory is using a profile that works with the iPad, such as Headset, A2DP, or HID.
    4. Ensure that the firmware or software on the Bluetooth accessory is up to date.
    5. Ensure that the Bluetooth accessory is charged or connected to power.
    6. Turn off both the iPad and the Bluetooth accessory, then turn both devices on again.
    7. If the issue persists, test Bluetooth with another accessory or consult the manufacturer's documentation.

    Take care, and thanks for visiting the Apple Support Communities.




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    Thanks! This helped

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    You're welcome, tknieriem! Thanks for being a part of the Apple Support Communities!