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Help please! I do not know anything about macs. I have a Windows pc and am somewhat knowledgeable about fixing them but I'm trying to help my son with his Mac Power Book G4 laptop. Its a 1.25 ghz 80gb super drive with 512 mb and 80 gb hd. His computer boots up to a command screen only. I hear the music tone when it boots up and see the grey apple but it then goes to "-sh: /etc/profile: is a directory" on first line and "-sh-2.05b#" on second line. I don't know anything about the commands but I found the only 2 disks he had and did the software install and restore with both the "c" and the "option" boot. I ran the test on the hardware and everything came back ok. I tried to reinstall saving the files (he has a lot of music) but it errors out. I tried booting from the .mac disk but still only get to the command screen. I found the fsck command and when I run it with the -fd I get the following:
Root file system
Chgecking HFS Plus volume.
Checking Extents Overflow file.
Checking Catalog file.
Keys out of order
(4, 398)
Rebuilding Catalog B-tree
The volume Macintosh HD could not be repaired.
volume type is embedded HFS+
primary MDB is at block 2 0x02
alternate MDB is at block 156299654 0x350f186
primary VHB is at block 11986 0x2ed2
alternate VHB is at block 156298086 0x950eb66
sector size = 512 0x200
VolmeObject flags = 0x1F
total sectors for volume = 156299656 0x9950f188
total sectors for embedded volume = 156286104 0x950bc98
I don't have access to another mac to download anything and don't know if the mac would even let me backup anything. Like I said I don't know the commands to use to check anything else. Aside from reformatting and losing all his data does anyone have any assistance you can give this struggling Mom? I'm not even sure what the OS is. I just know it's different from what's on the install and restore disk. He says it's 10.something.
I would appreciate any help you can give.

Power Book G4 15", 1.25 ghz, 512 mb 80gb super drive