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i preordered a album and a song came out in the preordered album and its asking be to buy the song even though i already preordered the album.Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.37.49 AM.png

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    You only pay for pre-orders when they are released and you download them. When a track is released from a pre-order ahead of the actual album then you will be charged for the track at its full track price - that price will then be deducted from the album's price, so when the album is released you will only be charged the remaining amount.


    From http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5714 :


    Some pre-orders include songs that are available for download immediately. When you pre-order, you will be charged only for these songs and you will receive them immediately.
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    but it makes no sense i preordered the album with money i should be able to download the track i used all of my money to preorder the **** album

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    You only pre-ordered the album, you did not pay for it - you only pay for pre-orders when they are released.

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    I preordered this album on iTunes and it came with two songs in album so when I preordered it, it automatically down landed and now I have $12.21 dollars in my account and the album in total cost like $14.99 so I was wondering since the two songs automatically downloaded how much will the rest of the album cost since I have 12 dollars left????

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    You should only be charged the remaining amount e.g. $14.99 minus the prices of the already released tracks that you've paid for, plus any applicable taxes - I would guess that will be over the $12.21 that you have left, so you won't be able to purchase (and therefore download) the rest of the album unless you redeem another card or have a credit card on your account