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I'm using Keynote 6.2. In presenter view the next slide shows up empty/blank. Videos are fine, but all text and pictures are not. I need to delete the first build on every slide to make the next slide turn up in presenter view. Then the presentation doesn't look good at all. In previous versions this was never an issue. Then I could have classy builds, and next slide still showed up in presenter view. How do I fix it? Please help!

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), Keynote 6.2
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    I don't have this issue, all slides display correctly in Presenter Display and Rehearse Play, below is a screen grab of Keynote presenter display:





    I note you have a MacBook, from past experience with hundreds of MacBook computers they all have issues relating to video graphic output, so I would guess this is a hardware issue and is not resolvable.


    What font and build effect are you using?

    Im happy to test a three slide test file from you that has this issue present, if you show a dropbox web address or other way to send the file I will test it for you.

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    Thank you for a great response! I mostly use build in dissolves and Gill Sans.

    Last night I figured out that the problem is build ins. If I just use regular transitions between slides everything works fine.

    I still think build ins look better, but at least now I can add some kind of movement to my presentation.  

    Once again thank you for your reply!