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This is not key notes, its the regular notes application that comes with Mac i didnt know where to ask this.



I am very new to mac.

I was using the "notes" application to write down a book ive been working on (stupid i know).

Today I decided It was really imporant I back this up.


So I highlighted about 40 pages I had written, and clicked copy, but somehow must of accidentally hit paste, and I literarily lost hundreds of hours of work.....

I understand how stupid it was to type this out in notes......


I looked for a undo button but cant find one, is there any type of history anywhere with this program? i cant even begin to express how important this is.


Any help is GREATLY appreciated, can anything be done at all?


I dont have time machine

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    This is very unfortunate that you used Notes.

    Its used to make short scribbles, like a shopping list, and used just like these sticky yellow pads of paper that you stick everywhere.


    There is an undo in:     Edit > Undo Typing, but this has to be done before closing the application or changing to a different note, when this is done the text is overwritten. and can't be reclaimed. As you have no back up, start again using the Pages application.

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    Yeah... I was in the processing of trying to save my stuff onto a external hardrive but enstead of hitting copy I hit paste, and it made a new note over the one I was using.


    Doing this in the terminal:

    into the cd ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.Notes/Data/Library/Notes; strings NotesV1.storedata | grep body | open -f \

    brings up all your notes, is there a way to change the pathway so it brings up your notes for a couple hours ealyier?

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    As far as I am aware, there are no backups, or versions as the notes are overwritten when the application is closed or changing to a new or previous note.

    Disaster Recovery software won't help either as the file is overwritten and not duplicated, versioned or backed up.

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    Ugh that deffanilty is really sad.

    Right before this happened I copied all my documents and files onto my external hadrive.

    But I didnt get to my applications folder yet.


    Are the notes original saved in the application folder? Or are they saved somewhere else? Because if there not saved in the application folder I would have them on my hardrive, but i see that "notes" is located in applications so maybe I didnt copy it over.

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    i am using mountian lion.


    http://superuser.com/questions/464679/where-does-os-x-mountain-lion-store-notes- data



    According to this forum post, they are saved in the folder mentioned, do i access that folder by the terminal?

    Sorry im really new to mac and dont realy understand how to use it.

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    As you have pasted text into notes, it has replaced the original text and that is what is saved, not your 40 pages.