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     Hello community. My iPhone 5, which is running the latest version of iOS7 got stolen 2 days ago. Phone didn't have a Passcode so thief had access to everything in it, including email of the Apple ID. He changed password of Apple ID using iForgot, and most probably wiped out the iPhone to factory settings and turned off Find My iPhone, but he forgot to remove device from the iCloud account. I changed all password's, linked emails and made everything secure. It's not possible to locate the device, but it shows that I can turn on the Erase, Lost Mode and the Sound function. I enabled Erase, leaving the message and number to call to. It is pending for two days now.

     So - if the phone already had other apple id on it, would it be possible to erase it through my iCloud account when it gets access to internet? I mean the device appears there and pending the erase, but maybe it will show offline all the time as it is not linked through Apple ID on the phone?

     I've been searching for such a situation for more than 10 hours on the web without succeeding. Please help, because I'm in a heavy panic and confusion as this was an expensive gift and a valuable memory holder for me :/

iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.2