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I have Keynote 6.2. The latest version.

Presenter notes can only be displayed down the bottom half of the screen. At best notes can be displayed on the right half of the screen in Record Slideshow mode.
I absolutely need the notes to be displayed on the top half of the screen - in the normal view - not just in Record mode (which would be good too) - there is no other configuration that is suitable for my specific purposes
Realise that when one uses the MacBook's in-built camera, having the presenter notes so low down,l mean that when I record using ScreenFlow my eyes are not level with the camera, instead I am looking down all the time, like I am reading (because I am reading the notes). I want my eyes to look like I am presenting, not reading, I therefore need the notes to appear on the top half of the screen, or right at the top where all the icon functions are, would be even better.
If I owned Keynote I would be moving straight away to update the software to include such a feature. Without it, it's compatability with the likes of Screenflow is limited severely.
In the meantime, I will have to print out my notes, read them at the side, and turn the pages. If you can gather what I mean, this is a fundamental flaw at the moment in the software and I have a big issue with this as it looks like I am going to have to buy PPoint, because from memory I could change the windows around everywhere in PPoint. I wish Keynote could fix this - then the software would be A+.
There isn't a solution as far as I can see, except if someone could tell me who I could email in Keynote to let them know about this big issue so they can update the software.
No use offering alternative, I really need the notes to be on the top half of the screen - in normal view (not Recording view). I use Screenflow to record my presentations 'cause the zooming in on my graphs are better.

Keynote 6.2, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)
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    You are using the wrong application to do what you want. Keynote is a screen based presentation application.

    The notes pane is used to provide cues for the next slide, not as a detailed script to read out a speech.


    What you should use a prompter application. Search for Teleprompter in the Mac App Store, there are dozens available.