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I'm not really sure what to do at this point. I received a third iPhone yesterday from MTS that was a replacement. The first one had an issue when you plug in the earpods, Siri would randomly pop up and the home button would stop working. The second iPhone was working fine until yesterday when all of a sudden the calls were garbled. I hard reset it and it would never find a signal, stuck "Searching..." The third iPhone I received yesterday and I got home and plugged it into my computer, iTunes wanted to update it so I said yes, then the update failed. So I tried a different USB port and it wouldn't work. It's stuck in recovery mode and will not restore.

Am I just EXTREMELY unlucky or have other people been having issues with the iPhone 5S as well? Thanks.

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    Yes, you are unlucky.  You should make an appointment with an Apple Genius.  Bring in your iPhone, power adapter, and computer.  Although it's possible you got stuck with 3 lemons in a row, it's also possible that you're not doing something correctly.