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If I add an event to iCal such as "Tomorrow 9am Breakfast meeting with George", the event will automatically show up in my calendar assigned to tomorrow 9am. I don't have to go into the event window and enter the time and date.


But I cannot figure out how to enter the text for an all-day event. I have to manually go into the event, click on the time, then select "all-day" and hit enter.


Any way to do this by simply typing some version of "all-day" into the event text?

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  • brenden dv Community Specialists

    Hi Roger,


    The Quick Event field uses a number of different ways to try to determine what and when you intend for an event. You should be able to type "Meeting with George tomorrow" or "Meeting tomorrow with George" and it should set it for an All Day event (if you say Breakfast, it will default to a morning time block). Like wise, you can say "Meeting with George on Tuesday" or "Meeting with George Saturday 30th" and it should create those as All Day events. For more information on the Quick Events field, you may find the following article helpful:


    Mac Basics: Calendar keeps your appointments




    - Brenden

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    Thanks Brenden,


    I did know this, but what I'm trying to find out is if there's a way I can force an "All Day" choice without calling it a meeting.

  • brenden dv Community Specialists

    From testing, it seems to work with most words (as long as they don't have a time implied, like Brunch), so long as you tell it the day in question. So, like "[random word] Tomorrow", or "[random word] Saturday 30" should create an All Day event called [random word] on the day/date specified.


    - Brendan

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    My problem is this: when I schedule lunches and dinners, we occasionally set the exact time when we first talk about it, so I enter the date and time in iCal.  But most of the time, I'll say "Let's have lunch a week from Thursday, we'll talk that morning and pick a time". I'd like those appointments to be all-day appointments, so that I know I haven't set a time for them. But when iCal automatically assigns 1pm to every item with the word lunch in it, I no longer know which events actually have a time scheduled, and which are left to be decided.


    So all I want to be able to do is either turn off iCal's "lunch=1pm" function, or have some way of forcing iCal to make an appointment an all-day event, such as entering "Lunch Friday with Joe all-day".


    I'm gathering neither can be done.