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I use iCal at our small office, and it syncs to multiple Apple devices.


I just had two popup notifications on my computer, both from iCal. They say:


205 events changed in "Untitled"

Updated by Unknown Sender




91 events changed in "Untitled"

Updated by Unknown Sender


Both appeared at the exact same time. I talked to everyone who accesses these calendars, and no one made changes in the time period leading up to it. Most did not even reference the calendar from any device today.


Also, we don't have a calendar called "Untitled".


I don't see any obvious changes to our calendar, but it has countless entries spanning years, so I couldn't even begin to spot 205+ changes in it.


I googled around and didn't find any similar cases. Has anyone experienced this? Has something gone wrong, and if so, how would I know?


Other than backing up (which I've done twice this week), what else can I do to protect our calendar data?


We have Google calendar integrated into our syncing if that has any relevance.


Any input would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), other devices include iPhones, iPad