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I'm having a problem with Mail rules under the latest version of Mavericks with Mail 7.3.


I want to set up rules for the mail that comes from my various utilities (cable, electrical,etc.) that do the following three things.


For any message where From contains "@UtilityX.com":

1.  Copy the message to a local folder on my Mac called Statements

2. Move the message to a folder via IMAP on my mail provider's server called Utility X

3. Mark the original message Read


However, after setting this up for all my accounts and confirming that it's correct, the messages never make it to the Statements folder. When I look at the rules, they now all look like this:

1. Copy message to Utility X

2. Move message to Utility X

3. Mark message Read

So, I reset all the step 1's back to copy to the Statements folder, close the app, reopen, and confirm that everything looks right. It does.

However, later in the month, when the messages again don't make it to the Statements folder, I discover that Mail has again changed Step 1 back to copy to the Utility X folder. This has been going on for several months now.

I can't find anyone who's had the problem or a fix for it, so I'd appreciate any help that anyone has to offer.



iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), Mail 7.3 (1878.6)
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    Create a Group in Contacts named Utilities.

    Add each utility to the group.


    Create a Rule.

    Sender is member of group "Utilities"

    Move Message to mailbox Statements

    Copy Message to mailbox Statements "On My Mac"

    Mark as Read.


    Personally copying the message to "On My Mac" folder is a bit of overkill. It's possible that by removing this additional action your would get better results with the rule.


    If it's a POP account that is used for Utility bills, you could forward to the IMAP account and only copy the message to "On My Mac" in the rule.

    Gmail for example will allow you to fetch up to 5 POP accounts.