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So I got the shuffle as a gift, was a bit surprised by it, but hey, its an mp3 player. The data-size of the player is small, the 512MB ones, so I decided, hey, might as well use that converter, it'll save space.

Now, I know converting takes time... however, I get it on one of my 320kbps MP3s, and wait 10 min, and it isn't done, on a 3 Gigahertz machine? I get a little annoyed. I checked the task list, and it said about 9-10% of my cpu was being used for itunes.exe. The other 90% was comparatively idle (except for the normal flashes of 1-2% on random processes).

Why was it only using 10% of my cpu? I know this takes a while, but more than 10 min a track, on this computer? I can do an equivalent encode from 320 kbps mp3 to 128kbps mp3 in LAME myself in about 30sec, a min tops, if it was just going slow that day. I don't have any decent AAC encoding software other than itunes, so coudlnt check that time quckly.

So yeah... how do I actually USE the convert to 128kbps AAC option? In a sane amount of time anyway.

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