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I have to play 64 channel in Mac OS 10.8 onwards. I have tried to use CAPlayThrough application provided by Apple. It is properly playing 2 channel. And Quality also very good. I tried to extend the application to play 64 channel. I have changed the SetupBuffer function.  So that it can handle 64 channel simultaneously. But Still I am not able to get all the channel simultaneously. 


I have changed the following line.

"asbd.mChannelsPerFrame =((asbd_dev1_in.mChannelsPerFrame < asbd_dev2_out.mChannelsPerFrame) ?asbd_dev1_in.mChannelsPerFrame :asbd_dev2_out.mChannelsPerFrame) ;"


asbd.mChannelsPerFrame = asbd_dev1_in.mChannelsPerFrame;

asbd.SetAUCanonical(asbd.mChannelsPerFrame, false);



now buffer got extended. But still I am getting only 2 channels. Can you please provide some information what I am missing? What else I have to do to play 64 channel simultaneously?


asbd_dev1_in.mChannelsPerFrame is showing 64 channels per frame.


Please provide some information.



OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)