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My birthdays from contacts show up on my calendar and in the notification centre, but I don't get any alert on my iPhone 4 (iOS 7), although I switched everything on in notification centre options, and also set default alert time for birthdays under calendar options on 'day of event (9:00)'. Other calendar events show up as expected, only birthdays fail.  Also, birthday alerts do show up on my Mac, but I need the reminder on my iPhone - just missed two birthdays today!!

iPhone 4, iOS 7.1
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    Are you referring to the Birthday calendar, or to a birthday entry in your regular calendar? The Birthday calendar does not have any settings for notifications. They are considered All Day events. If you are talking about birthdays you create in your calendar program, that is different. My Birthdays are created from Outlook information for contacts and cannot be modified in any manner, including alerts. Unless you are referring to default alerts under Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Default Alert Times.

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    First of all thanks for the fast reply!


    I'm talking about the birthdays created from my iCloud contacts. They show up in my calendar with this red birthday symbol. Under general settings, I can choose default ALERT times for Birthdays, Events, All-Day Events. I only switched on Birthdays for 9:00, so I assume that I should get an alert at that time, and I used to get them before upgrading to iOS 7 (although I'm not sure I was able to choose the time)!