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I recently upgraded to Mavericks from Snow Leopard.


I have been using iPhoto 08.  I have just installed iPhoto 09.  I cannot use iPhoto 11 because it does not show Keywords under the thumbnails!


I just discovered to my horror that “Faces” cannot be turned off in iPhoto 09.   So.... I am thinking I should purchase Aperture.


Can I add Keywords under each thumbnail (as iPhoto did previously),  can I turn off “Faces”?


Will Aperture work with my existing iPhoto 09 (or iPhoto 08)  database?


I have about 10 libraries that are presently managed using “iPhoto Library manager”.


Thanks for helping.

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    I read "  Aperture can only open and view iPhoto libraries upgraded to iPhoto 9.3 or later. To upgrade your iPhoto library, open it in iPhoto 9.3 or later. iPhoto upgrades the library automatically."


    But what will happen to my keywords from iPhoto 08 / 09 ?

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    But what will happen to my keywords from iPhoto 08 / 09 ?

    Your keywords will be migrated when you open your iPhoto '09 library in iPhoto '11. The events, albums, smart albums, keywords, titles will move over. If you have photo books, they may change slightly, because the themes have changed.

    But as a precaution, do not upgrade your iPhoto Libraries to the newer versions without keeping backup copies of the libraries.